Reto Parolari, conductor, composer and publisher

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Reto Parolari comes from a family of musicians. For years he has been a renowned specialist for symphonic light music. He received his musical education at the college of music in Winterthur/Switzerland, afterwards in Hannover (Ernst Hildebrand), Stuttgart (Heinz Buchold) and in Vienna (Prof. Max Schonherr).

Reto Parolari Dirigent

1973 marks the founding of the orchestra "Orchester Reto Parolari", dedicated exclusively to cultivating symphonic light music. Reto Parolari worked for five years as a conductor for operetta and musicals at the St. Gallen Theatre and for 14 years at Carré Theatre in Amsterdam.

He worked as a conductor in his own country, but also abroad, especially at German radio stations. As a guest conductor, he also conducted orchestras in Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Austria.

Reto Parolari
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He has had numerous TV and radio productions in the field of symphonic light music, operetta, film and musicals. He has recorded more than 35 CD productions.

In 1991, Reto Parolari founded the "Internationale Festival der Unterhaltungsmusik" (festival for upscale light music), which is held annually in his hometown and has developed into and important event for upscale light music.

For six years Reto Parolari was the conductor of the Circus Knie in Switzerland, for three years the chief conductor at Circus Krone in Munich and has been the chief conductor of the International CircusfestivalCircus Festival in Monte Carlo since 1997. As a composer and arranger he has written hundreds of classical music and symphonic light music compositions. In 2004, he was honoured with the Recognition Award of the SUISA Foundation for Music for his many years of work as a performer, author and publisher of symphonic light music.

He is a board member of SUISAsince 2007.
As a specialist in the field of symphonic light music he has had many guest appearances across Europe, as well as in Russia and America.
In November 2015, he received the Carl-Heinrich-Emst Art Prize in Winterthur for tiis life's work.

Reto Parolari mit Sängerin

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